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Given that request object is not working in ActionMailer, is there a way to detect current URL and set from option for custom devise mailer controller?

So this is what I have so far in application_controller.rb:

  before_filter :images, :hide_sidebar, :global_vars, :set_mailer_host
  before_action :sidebar_menu

  def set_mailer_host
    ActionMailer::Base.default_url_options[:host] = request.host_with_port
    @host = request.env['HTTP_HOST'] unless request.env['HTTP_HOST'].include? 'localhost'

Devise Mailer custom class:

class DeviseMailer < Devise::Mailer   
  helper :application # gives access to all helpers defined within `application_helper`.
  include Devise::Controllers::UrlHelpers # Optional. eg. `confirmation_url`

  def confirmation_instructions(record, token, opts={})
    if record.events.present?
        name = record.events.last.name
        @event = name
        name = "#{record.first_name},"
    opts[:from] = "noreply@#{@host}" if @host
    opts[:subject] ="#{name} Registration - Confirmation Required"

Also in Devise.rb I've set below:

config.mailer = 'DeviseMailer'

I don't know why I'm still getting default domain instead of the current URL.

Since I have multiple urls pointing to the same application, is there a way to detect this and configure for Devise Mailers?

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Why won't you pass the host as argument to your mailer?

def confirmation_instructions(record, token, opts={}, host)

DeviseMailer.confirmation_instructions(..., @host).deliver
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hi, from which controller would I pass as an argument? I'm afraid it might be called twice and also first three params get overwritten –  Passionate Developer Feb 17 '14 at 11:44

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