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I want to develop an application to find the value of a property based on some constants(such as the distance from the shore,the width of the road in frond of the property,the neighborhood that is located to etc) -constants that i will have to insert to that application (i guess with some tool that can make kml files with point,lines,areas and geocoding information) and variables which i will have τo take from the user through a series of forms.To succesfully calculate a value i need to make spatial querys (such as which is the distance of a point from that polygon?)

Is it possible to develop such an app with google maps or google earth or i have to develop with the use of an GIS(ESRI,Manifold etc).Also which is the difference between the possibilities of the resulting apps with maps and earth?

Thank you

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Bill Chadwick has some Javascript for Google Maps that calculates the distance of a point from a poly. See the the bottom of this page.

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