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We started getting some intermittent 404 responses from our cloud endpoints backend 2 days from now. Sometimes happen, sometimes not. Usually when there is a lot of calls from the same client id in a short period of time. Is something happening? Any kind of quota or something like that is in place now?


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The problem still persists... If I go from APIs Explorer and make a simple request many times, each 3, 4 times I get a 404 and the request doesn't even reach the server. Any update about that? –  Mael Mar 7 at 14:11
When I change de default version to an older one, and change back to the current, without modifying any code, the problem disappears. Even newer deployed versions, when starting getting 404, I need to do the same process, back with default to previous one and set default to latest version again. –  Mael Mar 13 at 14:22

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