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We have a SQL Server 2000 database that has a number of databases

We need to ensure that the users are unable to create stored procedure with a name that starts with SP_.

What can be done in SQL Server 2000 to prevent it?

I do understand that this can be achieved in SQL Server 2005+ versions using a stored procedure facet.

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SQL Server 2000 is waaaaay to old to support anything like that.... you will have to enforce this using code reviews and slapping your devs on the hands if they use sp_ as the prefix. I don't think there's anything that way available way back when (last millenium!) SQL Server 2000 come out .... –  marc_s Feb 17 at 12:33
You can't create trigger on a system tables in MSSQL so one possible way I see is to create Agent Scheduled Job to find SP_ procedures in sysobjects table and deny execute permission from all users to disable them and/or send a list to devs. –  valex Feb 17 at 12:53
2000 fell out of even extended support last year. It's beyond time to upgrade. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Feb 17 at 13:05
That might be true..but ours is a non profit Org...and do not have enough money to upgrade in accordance with big company(Microsoft's) tricky version releasing strategy ! –  user1254579 Feb 18 at 13:03
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