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I'd like to invoke these commands in R

path1 <- "C:/folder1"
path2 <- "C:/folder2" 
command <- paste( "xcopy", path1, path2, "/e /i /h", sep=" " )

The problem is R use / instead of \ as path separator and I obtain this error :

Invalid numbers of parameters

If I execute manually this command in replacing / by \ then it works

How can I do to manage this problem ?


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What about using path1 <- "C:\\folder1" and path2 <- "C:\\folder2"? – lukeA Feb 17 '14 at 12:20

Try this worked for me

path1 <- "F:\\folder1"
path2 <- "F:\\folder2" command <- paste( "xcopy", path1, path2, "/e /i /h", sep=" " ) command system(paste( 'xcopy', path1, path2, '/e /i /h', sep=" " ))

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The backslash needs to be doubled within quotes as per lukeA's comment below the post. – G. Grothendieck Feb 17 '14 at 13:51

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