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this is often asked like here Android emulator : insert negative number?

I have setup an edittext:

        android:text="0" />

when trying inserting a negative number, I press "-" and it inserts "-", but then it won't let me inserting any other digit! It works only by inserting the "-" after the complete number was inserted.

is this a BUG?

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i can do this with your code. –  shayan pourvatan Feb 17 '14 at 12:24
so it must be the phone? it is Android 4.2.1 –  user1616685 Feb 17 '14 at 12:25
thanks for reply, but at the end it was my fault! –  user1616685 Feb 17 '14 at 12:44

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the answer is simple: it is not a BUG it is the Programmer!

I just publish this in order to help others.

I had an InputFilter applied to the EditText ...

EdWMin.setFilters(new InputFilter[] { new DecimalDigitsInputFilter(7, 2) });

here the fix allowing signs in front of digits

    public class DecimalDigitsInputFilter implements InputFilter {

    Pattern mPattern;

    public DecimalDigitsInputFilter(int digitsBeforeZero,int digitsAfterZero) {
        mPattern=Pattern.compile("[-+]?[0-9]{0," + (digitsBeforeZero-1) + "}+((\\.[0-9]{0," + (digitsAfterZero-1) + "})?)||(\\.)?");

    public CharSequence filter(CharSequence source, int start, int end, Spanned dest, int dstart, int dend) {

            Matcher matcher=mPattern.matcher(dest);       
                return "";
            return null;

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