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I am able to disable access to a file with .htaccess, but I don't know how to disallow multiple files to be viewed (directly, not from includes)

They are .php so I can't disable a file type (like the only tutorials online say..)

<FILES ... ? 


Or something.. For example "home.php, file.php , test.php" how do I disallow access to all three files with that tag? or similar, help please!

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If you want to exclude files based on regular expressions, you could use FilesMatch instead of Files, e.g.:

<FilesMatch ^((home|test|file)\.php$|mysecretfolder|asecretpicture\.jpe?g)$>
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Perfect, I love the piping for each file name, just what I wanted. Thank you. – oni-kun Feb 2 '10 at 9:43
Caveat: Use start and end of the string, if you want to exclude /test.php, but not /public/test.php or /test.php.bak – Residuum Feb 2 '10 at 9:58
That is the most useful thing I've seen all week. Granted, it's just past 2pm on a Monday, but still. – Imperative Mar 24 '14 at 21:08

Looks like you have to exclude those files one by one:

<files home.php>
<files file.php>

You can use *.gif in <files> or something*, but as home.php, file.php and test.php can't really be grouped with a "*", this is probably the only way to go.

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since apache 2.4

<FilesMatch "\.htaccess|config\.php">

    Require all denied


instead of

<FilesMatch "\.htaccess|config\.php">

    Order allow,deny 
    Deny from all 

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