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I'm newbie to VBA programming. I've read one book about MS Office VBA programming, thats all, so sorry for quite easy questions.

I'm planing to create User Manual for our application using MS Word. There are 2 tasks:

  1. We have few customers and for each customer I need to insert its own screenshots into Manual. So I have few folders with required screens for each customer, and I need to programatically load them into document.
  2. Our Application has few modules. Some modules are common for different customers, some are not. This way, I have several chapters in document and I need to hide them depending on particular customer. Also, I need to hide some blocks of text in another chpaters. For example:
Application consists of 3 modules:
1. Module 1
2. Module 2
3. Module 3

In case customerA does not have Module3, then I should hide this item from list. Also in further I need to hide Chapter about Module3.

in short. I need to mark some parts of my document and be able to delete them or hide.

Seems I can use Content Controls to solve this: I can mark Controls with tags and programmatically remove them including its content or change Images. (I've tried, and it works fine (no problems here with VBA))

So the questions is. Is it the proper way do solve this task? Or may be there are other options to do this. What are the common practices to solve such tasks?

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Both ContentControls and Bookmarks will help you to do the things. – KazimierzJawor Feb 17 '14 at 15:26
@KazJaw ok, thanks for your reply! – teran Feb 18 '14 at 8:29

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