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In mysql table name (user_login) and i having field like login_name and password . I entered in login_name as abc and password as \/'(Special symbols like \ / ') .And my query is

select password from user_login where password like '\/'' and I got sql syntax error

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You should use parameterised queries in what ever language you are implementing the call in. Beware SQL Injection attack

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provide any examples –  vsr Feb 2 '10 at 9:42
You don't specify which programming language you are using. Also, check the link there, it includes examples in several languages. –  Dead account Feb 2 '10 at 10:07

hi you should use parameters instead of putting varibles directly into the query. i think it's aproblem with the escaping symbol.

check out this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1294974/how-to-set-query-parameters-in-mysql-query-browser

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If you ever use LIKE in a login system you have thrown ALL SECURITY OUT THE WINDOW. Try this on your login to see what I mean:

Username: %

Password: %

ACCESS GRANTED FOR FIRST USER IN DATABASE. ( pray that isn't an admin user )

If the username is known then % as a password will give full access.

If you want a friendlier system that is not case sensitive ( yes this reduces the possible number of passwords - but is likely appropriate for usernames ) then force the case to lower ( or upper or ucwords or whatever you prefer ) - but DO NOT use the LIKE operator in ANY QUERY involving a login or unscreened user input ( such as search boxes ). Anytime you must use the LIKE operator BE SURE TO STRIP OUT OR MANUALLY ESCAPE % and _ (and if you're using MS SQL then escape all the REGEX operators too - []^$()*. ).

A lot of escaping functions for mysql will not escape the % _ characters, which - when used with LIKE - allows any visitor the ability to do wildcard searches ( can severely bog down the server and cause DoS issues ) and worse grant themselves undue privileges using %:% to login.

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