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I have a div which has different styles at different time during execution. While I try to read the value of the style in my JS, I get different results in different browsers.

IE : "DISPLAY: inline;"
Firefox: "display: none;"
Chrome: "display: none;"

Chrome and Firefox give the same result but IE has a different. How do I make it work for the all the browsers ? Is this fixable ? I have to read this attribute and depending on the condition do my calculation .

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Can you provide us a fiddle demo, it be helpful. –  Shaik Mahaboob Basha Feb 17 '14 at 13:01
Do you use some kind of css reset on the page ? If not try to include that first as it normalizes the differences between browsers/platforms.. – Feb 17 '14 at 13:01

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There's not much code to see, but a good guess would be, that a script has set div.runtimeStyle.display = 'none'. Setting runtimeStyle doesn't reflect to the values of style object, the effect can be seen only on the screen.

(For some reason display can't be found from the property list at the linked page, runtimeStyle.display works though.)

Another alternative is, that you retrieve the value of style using currentStyle object immediately after display: none has been set (for example jQuery uses this object if getComputedStyle() doesn't exist (IE<9)). currentStyle is updated asynchronously, and may not have been updated at the time you're reading the value.

A probable code causing the issue in IE<9:

console.log($('#div').css('display', 'none').css('display'));
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