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I have problem using APC progress bar I follow from this example

I modified the code and it works. The problem is it will display the last percentages after I refresh the page. Let say a file is just finish uploaded at 100%, it will display 100% after I refresh the page. If I cancel halfway when the file being uploaded, say at 15%, 15% will stick on the progress bar until I upload another file.

Here is potion of my codes:

if(isset($_GET['progress_key'])) {
  $upload = apc_fetch('upload_1234'.$_POST['APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS']);
    if ($upload) {
      if ($upload['done']) {
      echo $percent = 100;
    else if ($upload['total'] == 0) {
      echo $percent = 0;
    else {
      echo $percent = $upload['current'] / $upload['total'] * 100;

Thank you in advance.

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just found the answer, I remove the unique id and replace with upload_1234 so the apps cannot differentiate the upload process.

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