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Using the MySQL command prompt, I want to SELECT all rows conataining a specific fractional part of number.

I have a field of type FLOAT called priority & I want to find all rows where the priority is X.2 where X can be any whole number.

Is there a way to use the MOD or FLOOR function to extract the ".2" in a query?

I've tried:

SELECT * from table
WHERE priority-FLOOR(priority) = .2 *(note the decimal point before the 2)*

but it returns empty set when I know there are at least 100 rows containing a priority of X.2


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What about using the LIKE clause in MySQL?

SELECT * FROM table WHERE priority LIKE %.2%

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I was shocked, but it works:!2/6d39a/1 – Digital Chris Feb 17 '14 at 14:22
Yes I was stuck on this for a long time a while back and searched for weeks. It has something to do with the data type FLOAT (not exactly sure) and then one day out of desperateness I tried LIKE and it worked miraculously. :) – J2D8T Feb 17 '14 at 14:27

Floating point numbers are notoriously fickle to work with. That is why SQL offers the decimal data type, which is fixed length.

Do what you want with between:

from table
WHERE priority-FLOOR(priority) between 0.15 and 0.25

Consider storing the priority as a decimal instead of a floating point number.

If you have "deeper" priorities, like 1.22 that you are trying to avoid, then do:

WHERE priority-FLOOR(priority) between 0.195 and 0.205

The range can be even narrower, if you need.

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