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Can Azure Service Bus be set up to journal successfully received messages, like MSMQ can? If so, how?

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While Azure Service Bus does not explicitly have a Journal sub-queue, this scenario is easily achievable by using a Topic and 2 Subscriptions. Service Bus support publish-subscribe patterns so you can create a Topic and have the same send APIs/semantics as a Queue and then create 2 subscriptions say called "Destination" and "Journal". By default Subscriptions have a TRUE filter so receive all messages sent to a Topic, and you can receive from these subscriptions just as you would from a Queue.

More details are available here: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/documentation/articles/service-bus-dotnet-how-to-use-topics-subscriptions/

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Thanks but unless I am misunderstanding something the scenario is different. As far as I know the Journal in MQ only logs successfully 'ack'd messages. –  Sentinel Feb 20 at 8:07
I suppose if I think about it some sort of client side tracing is basically the equivalent, as explicit logging of processed messages to a queue should really by application logic... –  Sentinel Feb 20 at 8:14

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