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doh is the dojo unit-testing framework. I am trying to use doh to test a non-dojo javascript code, but i am facing the problem that doh seems intrusive and oblige me to use dojo.provide() in the tested js file(and the corresponding dojo.require() in the test js file). I want the tested js file to be unmodified and dojo-agnostic. Is it possible ?

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I have found the solution.

  • simple/MyModule.js
  • simple/tests/MyModuleTest.js

In the test file, just use:




as the js file is find by its name without the dojo.provide() module check


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This seems to include the file, but registers it as "not-a-module". Any attempt to call a function in the file results in "function is not defined". How did you call the javascript function you wanted to test? –  Daniel Alexiuc Jun 5 '12 at 1:40

I think DOH does have a dependency on the Dojo loader (only). Have you tried just defining the object which would normally be in the dojo.provide? You might get away with that. Instead of doing



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