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Is it possible to make a milestone invisible in trac 0.11 ?
I have found custom python modules which are a starting point for doing so but none of them worked so far.

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Trac 0.11. is quite out-of-date by now. You'll find a large number of plugins no longer support it. What I'm going to suggest will most likely work in Trac 0.11, but if you encounter bugs then you may have to upgrade to get them resolved.

Where would you like to hide the milestone? If you'd like to hide it from the milestone menu on the ticket form, that is easy - once the milestone is closed it will be hidden from all users that don't have TICKET_ADMIN or TRAC_ADMIN permission.

If you would like the milestone to be hidden from the roadmap, all links to the milestone rendered as disabled, and the milestone not view-able when navigating to the URL /milestone/<milestone name>, you can use the fine-grained permissions module. You can hide the milestone by elevating the permissions that are required to view the module. For example,


would hide the milestone from users that don't have MILESTONE_ADMIN.

In Trac 0.11, the module fine-grained permissions module is /sample-plugins/permissions/authz_policy.py (it was moved to /tracopt in later releases). FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin provides a web interface for editing the authz file.

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you mean * = !MILESTONE_ADMIN ? That worked for me. –  therealmarv Feb 17 '14 at 23:02
Yeah, the configuration I listed was incorrect. * = !MILESTONE_VIEW would be sensible as well. –  RjOllos Feb 19 '14 at 2:18
I ended up displaying the milestone only to authenticated users. Thanks for your help. This are the two lines for doing so: authenticated = MILESTONE_VIEW and * = !MILESTONE_VIEW –  therealmarv Feb 19 '14 at 19:39

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