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I have been trying to access my analog camera via a EasyCap video capture device. Any code I try only picks the usb webcam or internal webcam. I guess that since video capture device is a video controller, opencv doesnt recognize it as a imaging device.

Can anyone conform if you cannot access analog cameras with opencv via a video capture device.

If so, then what other method can be used.

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i struggled with the same problem (in my case within python instead of C++, although I am certain it will be the same root cause) and hope it helps!

the original thread + ANSWER

also relevant XKCD

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can you please let me know whether OpenCV can access CCTV Cameras? –  Hope Jun 19 at 17:08

Even for digital devices, OpenCV isn't good at reading them, it is good at processing them. The library has supply for generic webcams, of course; however it does not supply most of the commercial or industrial cameras.

In short, to decode, you should try using "video for linux" or "video for windows" libraries; or the device SDK itself. Since you are using a video2usb converter, you shouldn't have any problem accessing the analog camera through these software.

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