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I have a div that has its background-color set to red now, when I press a key in my keyboard, let's say the number 1 key I want it to change color to green, and if i press it again I want it to change back to red.

This is not hard at all using something like jQuery. But in addition to this I want it to do the following:

If i press the same key in my keyboard (number 1) for 2 seconds I want it to change color to orange, but I want the color change to be animated like a css3 transition.

On top of this I want to be able to know when the transition is "finished" so I can change the color to blue.

But!! If the transition didn’t complete (i.e. the user didn’t press for at least 2 seconds) then I want the color to return to the original red.

Is this possible using jQuery? Or possible at all? Any help would be appreciated

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impossible is nothing –  Philipp Sander Feb 17 at 16:33
the question is how to do it –  squiles Feb 17 at 16:35
just a thought - what about tracking time difference between keyDown and keyUp event? - animation, you can easily do using jquery fades. –  NaveenBhat Feb 17 at 16:41
yes, I tought that also, and that's somewhat easy but I guess my biggest challenge is how to integrate everything I want –  squiles Feb 17 at 16:43
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