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I use IDA Pro to disassemble SPEC 2006 binaries on Windows 7 32 bit.

It generates a variable declared like this:

aKernel32_dll_0 unicode 0, <KERNEL32.DLL>,0

In the .text section, I find usage of this variable like this:

push    offset aKernel32_dll_0
call    ds:__imp__GetModuleHandleW@4

What I am trying to do is to make these code/data reassemble.

So my questions are:

  1. So basically declaration like **aKernel32_dll_0 unicode 0, ,0 ** can not be directly reassembled by masm/nasm, how should I adjust it?

  2. I simply adjust it into aKernel32_dll_0 dd 0 and the code is like this:

enter image description here

and it would run into a strange situation every time after call ds:_imp_GetModuleHandleW@4

Comparing to the original binary using Ollydbg:

enter image description here

So it seems that aKernel32_dll_0 is actually a extern variable? So is the correct way delete the declaration and extern declare this variable? If so, then what is the name of this variable? I don't think it is aKernel32_dll_0 as it looks like a random name generated by IDA Pro.

Could anyone give me some help? Thank you!

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You could of course just copy whatever bytes are there in your source material as a DB array. That said, we know GetModuleHandleW takes an unicode module name as argument. In nasm syntax it could look like:

aKernel32_dll_0 DW __utf16__('KERNEL32.DLL'), 0
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Hi Jester, but what is the correct masm syntax..? –  computereasy Feb 24 at 14:32
masm doesn't seem to support utf16 out of the box, but there are macro libraries that do. For this simple ascii string however you can just insert 0 bytes manually, like aKernel32_dll_0 DB 'K', 0, 'E', 0 ... you get the idea. Should end with 3 zeroes (one is the high byte of the last wchar, the other two are the terminators). Or, you could store this as ansi and switch the function call to use GetModuleHandleA. –  Jester Feb 24 at 14:41

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