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I am using c# to read information coming out of a scale and I am getting back 6 bytes of Data. The last two contain the weight, in Hexadecimal. The way that it is set up is that if your append byte 5 on to byte 4 and convert to decimal you will get the correct weight.

I am trying to do this right now by using toString on the bytes and appending them but toString is automatically converting them from Hexadecimal to decimal. This is occurring before I can append them so I am getting incorrect weights.

Is there any way to convert a byte to a string without it being formatted from hexadecimal to decimal for you?

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Please show us an example of the “6 bytes” you are getting, and what you are doing now. –  Dour High Arch Feb 17 '14 at 18:35
Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please, do not include information about a language used in a question title unless it wouldn't make sense without it. Tags serve this purpose. –  Ondrej Janacek Feb 17 '14 at 19:08

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Use the X format string when calling ToString on your bytes to keep them in hexadecimal. You can append a number to X to specify the number of "digits" you want.

byte b = 0x0A;
b.ToString("X"); // A
b.ToString("X2"); // 0A
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