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I have the simplest possible form, with one select with 3 options and a submit button. The problem is that when I click the submit button the selection in the select element, returns to the first option. And when I do the var dump of POST variable on the page that is the form handler, I get the string that is the first option. Why is this happening? What do I need to do? I have a bootstrap modal window on another page, with two select elements and it works fine there?

Here is the html code:

   <form class="navbar-form navbar-center" method = "POST" action="sortiranje.php"  enctype="multipart/form-data">
   <select class="cities typeahead form-control" id="kriterijum" name="kriterijumSortiranja">
   <option value=""></option>
   <option value="CenaR">Cena rastuće</option>
   <option value="CenaO">Cena opadajuće</option>
   <option value="Tip">Tip</option>
 <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default navbar-btn">Sortiraj</button>

And in sortiranje.php there is only:


And the result is: string '' (length=0)

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You need to show your PHP also. –  Fred -ii- Feb 17 at 19:19
I've added it, but I don't think that php is the problem. –  Matija Feb 17 at 19:30
You need to do $kriterijumSortiranja=$_POST['kriterijumSortiranja']; then echo $kriterijumSortiranja; or shorter form $var=$_POST['kriterijumSortiranja']; then echo $var; therefore, reason being is that you didn't assign a variable to it. –  Fred -ii- Feb 17 at 19:32
I've just tried that, but it's still the same. The problem is that the first option: <option value=""></option>, always gets selected when I click the submit button. –  Matija Feb 17 at 19:37
Your select has class name "typeahead", does this mean there is some JavaScript stuff attached to it? Try removing the JavaScript and see if the problem remains. –  miken32 Feb 17 at 19:38

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