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i would like to use apigee android sdk in android app. By using android sdk, I would like to connect apigee end point proxy but api proxy has got Oauth 2.0 verification. How to access our proxy?

//Create client entity
String ORGNAME = "your-org";
String APPNAME = "your-app";        
ApigeeClient apigeeClient = new ApigeeClient(ORGNAME,APPNAME);
DataClient dataClient = apigeeClient.getDataClient();

String type = "item"; //entity type to be retrieved
Map queryString =  null; //we don't need any additional query parameters, in this case

//call getCollectionAsync to initiate the asynchronous API call    
dataClient.getCollectionAsync(type, queryString, new ApiResponseCallback() {    

//If getEntitiesAsync fails, catch the error
    public void onException(Exception e) { 
        // Error

    //If getCollectionAsync is successful, handle the response object
    public void onResponse(ApiResponse response) {
        try { 
            if (response != null) {
                // Success
        } catch (Exception e) { //The API request returned an error
                // Fail

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There is currently no support for OAuth in the Android SDK.

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