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I have a SOAP WebService through an HTTPS connection that connects to an Android application. I use ksoap2 library to make calls to the WebService. The SSL certificate is from Verisign.

The application and the WebService works correctly on devices with Android 4, but testing on a Galaxy Mini 2 with Android version 2.3.6 I get the following error: "Could not validate certificate signature."

The most common solutions I found: trust all certificates or create your own keystore. Trusting all certificates is not an option, so I made my own keystore.

I got good results with other Verisign certificates and self-signed certificates following the instructions of these two tutorials:

http://blog.antoine.li/2010/10/22/android-trusting-ssl-certificates/ http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/186599/SSL-Verification-for-Android-Applications

I started testing the server and the domain of my WebService. In tests I got the following error: "No peer certificate"

Currently I can access the URL of the WebService definition from the emulator and from my test device with Android 2.3.6, but if I try to access it from my application calling my WebService I keep getting the error "No peer certificate".

I have done many tests with my keystore:

  • I obtained the file "cacerts.bks" from an AVD with Android 3.2.
  • I've created my own keystore with the results of an openssl to my domain:port.
  • I used the certificates exported from a browser.
  • I've created a keystore with the original file "cacerts.bks" of my device and I inserted the new certificates.
  • I downloaded all certificates from Verisign and created a keystore with them.

One of the last posts that I've read says something about the order of the certificates on the chain. Doing an openssl I get five certificates, two of them does nothing (one is a duplicate of another and the last doesn't work in the chain). If I do a "certtool --verify-chain" with all certificates it fails, only with 3 of them works fine.

I really need help here. Thanks!

PS: This message has a verification of my english made for Google Translate, sorry for that :)

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Solved. For Android 2.3.6 is important the order of the SSL certificates, you need install them in a correct order and check the keychain with certtool. 1. Check your SSL certificates with openssl and save it in a file [openssl s_client -connect SERVER:PORT -showcerts > certs.pem] 2. Delete all the extra information and let only the base64 code of your certificates, they are between -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- 3. Check the keychain with certtool [certtool --verify-chain --infile certs.pem] If you don't get errors, you're done! –  yoryer Feb 26 at 2:57

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