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On OS X there is a trackpad option called "Look up - Tap with three fingers". What determines whether or not the text is able to be highlighted/defined?

Edit: The preference:

Trackpad - System Preferences

For example, the descriptions for the featured projects on the GitHub explore page cannot be defined. (Try to define JavaScript under jquery/jquery.)

GitHub explore page

On the other hand text in this question and the answers can be defined:

This stack overflow question

Is there a set of CSS rules that determine this behaviour? I think this may be limited to Google Chrome as both work in Safari.

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This OS X function is weird. I already got some funny behavior i.uto.io/zIyMj or i.uto.io/jAwNT with chrome. And BTW, it didn't work at all on firefox nightly 30.0a1 (2014-03-13). And BTW2, I can triple-tap on "Javascript" on Github ( Chromium Version 32.0.1681.0 (230713) ) i.uto.io/DA3ND (OS X 10.9.2) –  Utopik Mar 18 at 13:13
Most odd, I run into the same issues. It seems to work reliably in Safari. –  Whymarrh Mar 18 at 19:49

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This seems to be the result of a bug with Google Chrome, which has been marked as fixed for OS X 10.8 and newer.

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