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I'm trying to implement mouse selection for my game. When I QueryAABB it looks like it's treating objects much larger than they really are.

QueryAABB inaccuracy

Here's what's going on in the image

  1. The blue box is an actor containing a body that I'd like to select
  2. The outline on the blue box is drawn by Box2DDebugRenderer
  3. The mouse selects a region on the screen (white box), this is entirely graphical
  4. The AABB is converted to meters and passed to QueryAABB
  5. The callback was called for the blue box and turned it red
  6. The green outline left behind is a separate body to check if my conversions were correct, this is not used for the actual selection process

It seems to be connected to my meter size, the larger it is, the more inaccurate the result is. At 1 meter = 1 pixel it works perfectly.

Meter conversions

val MetersToPixels = 160f
val PixelsToMeters = 1/MetersToPixels

def toMeters(n: Float) = n * PixelsToMeters
def toPixels(n: Float) = n * MetersToPixels

In the image I'm using MetersToPixels = 160f so the inaccuracy is more visible, but I really want MetersToPixels = 16f.

Relevant selection code

val x1 = selectPos.x
val y1 = selectPos.y
val x2 = getX
val y2 = getY + getHeight

val (l,r) =
  if (x2 < x1)
val (b,t) =
  if (y2 < y1)

world.QueryAABB(selectCallback, toMeters(l),toMeters(b), toMeters(r),toMeters(t))

This code is inside the act method of my CursorActor class. And selectPos represents the initial point where the use pressed down the left mouse button and getX and getY are Actor methods giving the current position. The next bit sorts them because they might be out of order. Then they are converted to meters because they are all in pixel units.

selectCallback: QueryCallback

override def reportFixture(fixture: Fixture): Boolean = {
  fixture.getBody.getUserData match {
    case selectable: Selectable =>
      selected += selectable
    case _ => true

Selectable is a trait that sets a boolean flag internally after the query which helps determines the color of the blue box. And selected is a mutable.HashSet[Selectable] defined inside of CursorActor.

Other things possibly worth noting

  • I'm new to libgdx and box2d.
  • The camera is scaled x2
  • My Box2DDebugRenderer uses the camera's combined matrix multiplied by MetersToPixels
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From what I was able to gather, QueryAABB is naturally inaccurate for optimization. However, I've hit a roadblock with libgdx because it doesn't have any publicly visible function like b2testOverlap and from what I understand, there's no plan for there to be one any time soon.

I think my best solution would probably be to use jbox2d and pretend that libgdx's physics implementation doesn't exist.

Or as noone suggested I could add it to libgdx myself.


I decided to go with a simple solution of gathering the vertices from the fixture's shape and using com.badlogic.gdx.math.Intersector against the vertices of the selection. It works I guess. I may stop using QueryAABB all together if I decide to switch to using a sensor for the select box.

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libgdx is open source, you can also just add those functions yourself... –  noone Feb 18 '14 at 8:42
@noone Not a bad idea. –  SpaceFace Feb 18 '14 at 13:36

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