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I am testing a Ruby on Rails project using WebMock and VCR. I would like to assert that a request is made to the correct host, but I can't find an example of how to do that. Here's some pseudo-code for what I'm trying to do:

VCR.use_cassette('example.com request') do
  subject.domain = 'example.com'
  expect { subject.get('/something') }.to make_a_get_request_for('http://example.com/something')
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VCR is awesome for recording/playing, but why do you need VCR then if you just want to set an expectation on a request? –  Bartosz Blimke Feb 18 at 20:10
Good point. I think I was trying to test too many things in one test. I can create a separate test that does not use VCR to test the request with WebMock. –  Andrew Feb 18 at 23:54

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