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I have a histogram shown here which I made using the following:

import pylab as pl

fd = FreqDist(list(industries))
X = np.arange(len(fd))
pl.bar(X, fd.values(), align='center', width=0.15)
pl.xticks(X, fd.keys(), rotation=90)
ymax = max(fd.values()) + 1
pl.ylim(0, ymax)

However I need the gap to reduce between the y-axis and the first histogram bar. Also how do you prevent overlapping of text?

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please ask exactly one question per question. This prevents situations like this where there are two answers, each of which addresses one of your two questions, but you can only accept one of them. –  tcaswell Feb 17 at 22:00

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You can try to avoid overlapping of the text by using this function:

pl.gcf().autofmt_xdate(bottom=0.3, rotation=-30, ha="left")

It's created for rotating date tick labels, but it should work good here. But you most probably have to either reduce the font size, and/or increase the width of your figure.

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Assuming pl is matplotlib.pyplot, use pl.xlim. Because I'm not sure what values your x-axis takes, try

pl.xlim(min(X), max(X))
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