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How can I filter classes out of my final archive?

public static JavaArchive unitTestJar() {
    return ShrinkWrap.create( JavaArchive.class )
            .addAsManifestResource( EmptyAsset.INSTANCE, "beans.xml" )
            .addPackages( false, getCorePackages() );

public static String[] getCorePackages( String... args ) {
    List<String> strings = Arrays.asList(

    strings.addAll( Arrays.asList( args ) );
    return (String[]) strings.toArray();

I see that there's a Filter API, but I can't seem to find any examples of how to use it. Ultimately I figured I'd just remove anything that is *Test*. Which is easier than trying to add a class at a time.

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Try this:

          .addPackages(true, Filters.exclude(".*Test.*"), getCorePackages());
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When answering a question on StackOverflow, please try to provide relevant details rather than just code-snippets or links. – Sam Feb 17 '14 at 22:37
@Sam, The question is about API usage. In this case, I don't see any better help than a testable example. – Guy Bouallet Feb 17 '14 at 23:16
Oops, sorry about that - I was reviewing answers / questions in the StackOverflow Review section. Unfortunately, it didn't show me the context of the answer. – Sam Feb 17 '14 at 23:25

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