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I have scoured SO(Here and Here) and elsewhere for this as well as giving it the "ol' college try" myself and while I can easily get the rows back color set to whatever I want, alternating or whatever, I simply cannot seem to apply that logic to work when my criteria is based on the content's of a Cell.

What I am trying to accomplish is if the contents of Cell[3] == "IN" then Row Backcolor = Color.Green.

I've read through this blog post(HERE) and this one(HERE) as well as downloading the example code provided on both.

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This question -->… is actually closer to what I want but has no answers... – Refracted Paladin Feb 17 '14 at 22:13

override the Paint method in your datagrid column, read the cell value

Object cellData = base.PropertyDescriptor.GetValue(source.List[rowNum]);

add your logic to determine what color your background should be then call the base class Paint method passing in the background color you want to use

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