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At home I have a simple network setup containing 2 machines.

On one machine i have a site hosted with IIS7. Rather than the standard localhost/index.htm address I have added an entry in the HOSTS file pointing the local IP ( to this domain - www.mysite.dev.

I can access the site with www.mysite.dev with no problem.

what I would like to do is be able to view this site from my other machine on the network.

Initially I assumed this could be done with a URL like so MACHINE-NAME/www.mysite.dev, but the connection always times out. But I can ping MACHINE-NAME without problems.

For testing purposes I have disabled the windows firewall on both machines but to no joy.

Like a typical web developer, my hardware/network skills are pretty poor.

Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?

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Have you tried just connecting to MACHINE-NAME ? –  Lazarus Feb 2 '10 at 12:42

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As others said your Firewall needs to be configured to accept incoming calls on TCP Port 80.

in win 7 :

  1. go to windows firewall with advance security
  2. Inbound Rules -> Action -> New Rule
  3. select Predefined radio button and then select the last item - World Wide Web Services(Http)
  4. click next and leave the next steps as they are (allow the connection)
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Thanks guy from 3+ years ago :-) –  Contristo Sep 23 '14 at 9:26

Open firewall settings. Then search for something like - Allow program or feature to allow through firewall. If in the list World Wide Web services (HTTP) is unchecked, check it and restart the system.

Our machine is all set to accept inbound requests.

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First of all, try to connect to the LAN IP of your server. If IIS is set up with only one web site, chances are that your site is going to pop up.

If you want to access it by name, you would have to add an entry in the HOSTS file of every client PC you want to view the site with (not to obviously, but to the local IP address of your server).

Also, your Firewall needs to be configured to accept incoming calls on Port 80.

This is usually the point where it makes more sense to set up a DNS service that you can register names like "mysite.dev" with centrally, without having to dabble with hosts files. But that's a different story, and belongs to superuser.com or serverfault.com.

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After installing antivirus I faced this issue and I noticed that my firewall automatically set as on, Now I just set firewall off and it solved my issue. Hope it will help someone :)

share|improve this answer always points to localhost. On your home network you should have an IP address assigned by your internet router (dsl/cablemodem/whatever). You need to bind your website to this address. You should then be able to use the machine name to get to the website, but I would recommend actually editing the hosts file of the client computer in question to point a specific name at that computer. The hosts file can be found at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (use notepad) and the entry would look like:     mycomputername
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