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We have a software platform with Social Logins, and Facebook is one of them. However, we at times whitel-label our domain name to the client. e.g. becomes

The Facebook App settings allow for, what seems, a finite (e.g. ONE) number of Site URLs - however it allows for many APP DOMAINS.

We're trying to achieve using our platform social login across all our clients without creating an appID for each new domain.

For now, I've been able to "hack" the system by adding the clients domain name into "Mobile URL"... since we don't use this field, it has accepted the clients domain name in "App Domains" since we've added it to the Mobile URL field.

This is likely an incorrect approach. In fact, certainly is. But it works. However it will not work for our next client, as there are no more URL fields available. :)

Does anyone have any tips for how our App should work and be configured if we are using our application across various domain names?

Thanks, Community! Salvatore

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Unfortunately, the September 30, 2011 blog post is worded in a misleading way. The relevant section is "Support for Multiple Domains in the Developer App." Reading that paragraph, it would appear that there are no restrictions in terms of which domains can be lumped together under one application.

However, when I tried adding a second domain to an existing application, I received an error message saying that the new domain must be derived from the Site URL. One comment on that blog post described a similar experience. And that restriction was confirmed by a reply to that comment by someone in Developer Relations at Facebook, explaining that "All app domains must be derived from the site URL."

I believe the confusion arises from incorrect wording in the post itself, which says "Your App’s URL (Website and/or Mobile Web URL) must be derived from one of the domains listed in the App Domain field."

*Update: Just to clarify what types of domains are allowed, let's say your Site URL is "". You would be allowed to add "" as an additional App Domain, but you would not be allowed to add "".

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Is this still the case? – Dave Aug 12 '15 at 16:43
yes, this is still the case – Jelmer Jellema Jan 5 at 22:03

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