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The issue: I have certain data in a Github repository that should be different between itself and its forks. The constraints on the files themselves are 1) the files have to be under version control and 2) they have to be at the top-level of the repo.

The 2 files I have issues with are README.md and .travis.yml.

For README.md, I have a Travis-CI badge for the build status. However, it has to be hardcoded for the repository it is representing. This doesn't work if I want CI on both the original repo and the forked repo. The README.md is static so both repos will show the badge of the hardcoded repo.

For .travis.yml, I only want me to get the results of the CI builds on the forked repo but when I push upstream, I want a set list of people to get the results. The only way to accomplish this so far (that I see) is to hardcode the set list of emails in the .travis.yml file and have everyone get my CI builds for my forked repo. That way, when I do push upstream, they will also get the results of the CI build on that repo. However, they now get CI build results from my forked repo, which I don't really want.

One of the main issues here is that both files have to be at the top-level of the repo and can't be put into any submodules, renamed, put into .gitignore, or anything like that, as far as I can tell.

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Related question: stackoverflow.com/q/18673694/408160. However, they specifically talking about branches in one repo whereas I am dealing with forked repos. Still not sure it is doable... –  Caleb Feb 17 at 22:48

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