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For varies reasons, I have a DDL with 27k items. It is a near instantaneous load in Chrome, but takes 10 seconds in IE. Does anyone know why?

I'm using the MVC.HTML.SelectExtensions DDL.

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Maybe because IE is known as the slowest browser ? –  HamZa Feb 17 at 23:25
Which version of IE specifically? –  EricLaw Feb 17 at 23:26
-Update- IE9 works fine, while IE11 has issues. I was checking browser compatibility using the IE11 developer tools, which seems to load different than than the actual product. –  Dassina Feb 19 at 16:47

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Without knowing your system, I suspect you may be hit by virus scan.

I have seen >10x slowdowns processing java-script heavy HTML (at my client at the time). The thing was that McAfee replaces the JavaScript script host with it's own version, for security checks.

Background information (this page appears to suggest that other AV programs have similar mechanisms)

Disabling that [1] fixed the performance. I think there should be a way to exclude certain sites (e.g. intranet) from these mechanisms. Don't remember whether they've found it.

[1] If you know what you're doing (both technically and security-wise) you can google for many places that tell you how to run regsvr32 jscript.dll on the original Microsoft script engine.

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Because IE is the only one that uses Microsoft's script engines. Chrome and Firefox use their own java script implementations (V8 and SpiderMonkey, respectively) –  sehe Feb 17 at 23:46
That is an interesting possibility. I will look into that. –  Dassina Feb 17 at 23:47
Unfortunately, this was not the cause. My best guess at this time, is that the default MVC Dropdown has issues with the newer versions of IE? –  Dassina Feb 19 at 16:46

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