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I have a main View named manageaccount and in there i use three partial views, change password, email and delete account. My goal is to have everything on one page. Eveything works now, the only problem is if i for example want to change email and type in the wrong password, all my partial views gets the error message...

This is one of my actions:

    public ActionResult DeleteUserAccount(Models.UserAccount user, Models.LocalDeleteAccountModel deleteAccountModel)
if (IsPasswordAndUserValid(user.UserName, deleteAccountModel.Password))
    var currentUser = db.UserAccounts.SingleOrDefault(u => u.UserName == User.Identity.Name);
    return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");
    ModelState.AddModelError(string.Empty, "Nuvarande lösenord är ogiltigt.");
    return View("~/Views/Account/ManageAccount.cshtml");

Function IsPasswordAndUserValid checks if username and password is correct. if not, displays the error message. I somehow need to tell which view that will use this errormessage. I thought only the view that belongs to this actions shows the errormessage, but apparently all partial views displays it aswell..

Thank you

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