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I am working on R Win7 x64.

I have installed and opened a data mining tool rattle. http://rattle.togaware.com/

After loading the library in R studio, I can access the data set contained in the library.


 Data sets in package ‘rattle’:

 audit                     Sample dataset for illustration Rattle
 locationsAUS              Sample and full dataset for illustrating Rattle
 weather                   Sample and full dataset for illustrating Rattle
 weatherAUS                Sample and full dataset for illustrating Rattle
 wine                      The wine dataset from the UCI Machien Learning

 rattle()  // open a GUI

But, in the GUI I cannot see the weather.csv file which can be accessed in R studio.

Why ?

How to find the absolute file path of weather.csv in R studio ?

I need to copy it to the dir that can be accessed by rattle GUI.

Any help would be appreciated.

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There is no weather.csv. weather is a dataset that already exists in the rattle package. It is not csv. –  Ramnath Feb 18 at 0:15
list.files(paste0(Sys.getenv()["R_LIBS_USER"], "/", "rattle/csv")) –  Richard Scriven Feb 18 at 2:03
@Ramnath The rattle package has CSV copies of all its datasets too, presumably so people can practise reading them in. –  Richie Cotton Feb 18 at 12:49

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You can see all the files in the rattle package using

dir(system.file(package = "rattle"), recursive = TRUE)

The path to the one you want is retrieved with

system.file("csv", "weather.csv", package = "rattle")

This works whether you use RStudio or any other IDE for R.

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