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This might be a silly question, but I really hope someone can help me here.

I'm currently using serializeJson(), within ColdFusion 10, to generate a JSON dataset so I can process the data within a jquery table plugin. serializeJson() generates the following JSON data:

-DATA: [

My plugin only seems to only handle very basic JSON.

[{"rank":1,"title":"The Avengers (2012)","weekend":"$103M","gross":"$373M","weeks":2},
            {"rank":2,"title":"Dark Shadows (2012)","weekend":"$29.7M","gross":"$29.7M","weeks":1},
            {"rank":3,"title":"Think Like a Man (2012)","weekend":"$5.82M","gross":"$81.4M","weeks":4},
            {"rank":4,"title":"The Hunger Games (2012)","weekend":"$4.51M","gross":"$387M","weeks":8},
            {"rank":5,"title":"The Lucky One (2012)","weekend":"$4.11M","gross":"$53.8M","weeks":4},
            {"rank":6,"title":"The Five-Year Engagement (2012)","weekend":"$3.31M","gross":"$24.6M","weeks":3},
            {"rank":7,"title":"The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012)","weekend":"$3.14M","gross":"$23M","weeks":3},
            {"rank":8,"title":"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)","weekend":"$2.67M","gross":"$3.74M","weeks":2},
            {"rank":9,"title":"Chimpanzee (2012)","weekend":"$1.76M","gross":"$25.7M","weeks":4},
            {"rank":10,"title":"Safe (2012)","weekend":"$1.45M","gross":"$15.7M","weeks":3}];

How does one only get an array of the data, not the columnlist or any other meta data, from ColdFusion's serializeJson() function? Or alternatively is there an easy way to fetch content only from within the data array, without the other arrays?

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Your question is a bit vague, but I'll try to answer it.

serializeJson() and deserializeJson() only do precisely what they say on the tin: converts native CFML data structures to/from a JSON-formatted string. They don't in and of themselves dictate the structure of the translation.

Your jQuery plug-in expects an array of JavaScript objects, which means you need to create and array of JavaScript objects. One nod here to how data is translated between a CFML type and a JSONified JS type is that a CFML struct will serialise as a JS object.

So if you are starting with a CFML recordset... you need to think about how to use that to create an array of structures. I suggest you have a structure for each row, and each of those rows is an element in the array.

So you'll want something like this:

create an array
loop over the recordset
    create a struct out of each column value of the current row
    append that struct to the array
serialise the array to JSON

There is no one-off / built-in functionality which converts a recordset object to an array of structs. You need to do it by hand.

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Have you tried setting serializeQueryByColumns to true? See if you like that style better.


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I built ArrayCollection.cfc for just this reason. I needed to easily convert a ColdFusion query into a more standard JSON format. There's a blog post that covers the use cases.

It creates an array of structs or an array of arrays based on the contents of the query object, then serializes it.

<cfset rs.ac = createObject("component", "ArrayCollection").init() />
<cfset rs.ac.setData( myQuery ) />
<cfreturn rs.ac.$renderdata() />

This outputs this default JSON format:

            "title":"Apparition Man"
            "title":"Shopping Mart Mania"

You can turn the "data" key off or change its value as needed.

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I usually do this:


<cfsavecontent variable="tempJSON"> [
<cfloop query="#yourQry#">
    <cfset counterTwo=0>
    <cfloop list="#tempList#" index="columnname">
        <cfset counterTwo=counterTwo+1>
        <cfif IsNumeric(serializeJson(trim(Evaluate('#columnname#'))))>

    <cfif counterTwo IS NOT ListLen(tempList))>
    <cfif currentrow IS NOT recordcount>
</cfloop> ]

So just replace my query with your array, I was looping over columns because I had dynamic columns, so they were user specific. If your JSON has fixed number of keys then you wouldn't have to loop through the list, you can just specify it manually.

Like this you create your JSON and pass it to the jQuery table plugin.

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wouldn't this introduce a lot of whitespaces? I'm not sure if the tempJSON will be a valid JSON string. –  Henry Feb 18 '14 at 19:34
It will not introduce whitespaces, and it will be a valid JSON string. I am using jqGrid to display my table and I just return this JSON and use <cfoutput>#returnedJSON#</cfoutput> in the data field. Works perfectly. I am using it everywhere in my app. Give it a try. –  mayurc Feb 18 '14 at 19:39
Nice, great, I guess I had history with cfsavecontent. –  Henry Feb 18 '14 at 19:40
There is another option too, you can use jQuery to create this JSON for you, but that would be a huge response if you're returning this query on a different page. So you can just use JavaScript to loop through and create JSON the same way we did it in Coldfusion. –  mayurc Feb 18 '14 at 19:43
No need to roll your own JSON. Just create an array, append some structures, then serialize the array at the end. (see Adam's answer). Also, evaluate's is discouraged. For dynamic column names, just use associative array notation: queryName["columnName"][rowNumber] –  Leigh Feb 18 '14 at 20:04

You can do this on client side also easily.

$.standardiseCfQueryJSON=function( cfQueryJSON )
 var result  =   [];
 $.each( cfQueryJSON.DATA,function( rowNum,rowValue ){
     var row =   new Object();
     $.each( cfQueryJSON.COLUMNS,function( position,columnName ){
        row[ columnName.toLowerCase() ] = rowValue[ position ];
    result.push( row );
    return result;

And in the AJAX call just convert the data to a valid JSON format and use it,

 success: function(response){
   data = $.standardiseCfQueryJSON(response);
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