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I have this - - setup where tests run local just fine (4 passing). But deployed on Travis CI none of the test are runnig (0 passing).

See package.json, Gruntfile.js, .travis.yml, Travis builds. Can somebody take a brief look on it?

// Local

Running "mocha:test" (mocha) task
Testing: Tests/index.html
>> 4 passed! (0.00s)

Done, without errors.

// Travis CI

Running "mocha:test" (mocha) task
>> 0 passed! (0.00s)

Done, without errors.
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It looks like your Gruntfile.js references a Tests directory, but the only directory that exists is tests.

The filesystem on Travis CI is case-sensitive (Mac filesystems by default aren't), so either renaming the directory or changing the Gruntfile.js should help you run your tests on Travis CI.

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