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Related to Colored Output with Cygwin Commands on cmd. By adding cygwin to my system path, I can display colors in cmd.exe with

ls --color=auto

To change the colors of the files and folders, I would edit .bashrc or .dircolors.db on linux. However, editing the cygwin equivalents of these files seems to have no effect on the output in cmd.exe, even though they do affect the cygwin shell. Does anyone know how to edit the colors of the output from ls in cmd?

(Also, I think it would be helpful if someone could grab the attention of the person answering the question I linked above. I don't have enough reputation to comment on his/her answer, so if it is allowed, it would be great if someone else could.)

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The problem is that I don't know which command to specify at CMD startup to get different colors on the 'ls' output. I can't find a way to edit LS COLORS directly from the command line. People seem to always edit the config files. –  cheflo Feb 18 at 15:50
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