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This is peculiar. I recently installed an operating system called "Semplice" Linux. It's debian based and very similar to Crunchbang (Lightweight and openbox-oriented).

That aside, I cannot run man printf or any C command for that matter.

I can, however, run man echo and man cat and other linux commands, but no C commands.

I have already run: mandb to no avail.

Note: I did not have to manually install C (build-essential or libc6 or anything).

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Is this more appropriate for Server Fault? –  jia103 Feb 18 at 4:43
tried man 3 <function name> ??? –  Jeyaram Feb 18 at 4:43
for printf() try man "3p printf" if it is you have gcc package installed only it will have the man pages of C –  user2760375 Feb 18 at 4:44
...either ServerFault or SuperUser, yes. It's a system administration problem, not a programming question. –  Charles Duffy Feb 18 at 4:47
Similar question: superuser.com/questions/393772/man-pages-in-linux –  ffledgling Feb 18 at 4:48

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The 'manpages-dev' package should contain the man pages for C. I have not used semplice, but that is the package name on other debian based systems.

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What would I do without you? –  Goodies Feb 18 at 5:05

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