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i wanna know the best source to learn Qt from. i found some books but i believe that videos are more appealing to me. do you have any idea about Qt learning videos ? also if you have presentation or something like that , i would be very happy.

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Duplicate from 2 days ago:… – Adam W Feb 2 '10 at 19:26

ICS are the training people for Qt, they have some free videos on their site and run one day seminars if you are in a major tech town.

Qt also comes with a lot of very good examples

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Do you know there is a youtube channel dedicated entirely for QT?

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I followed their advices !

With the tutorials, examples and a good book, you have everything to jump into Qt in no time ! I think a book or the tutorials are better because you can't juste stare at a video... Qt made also an amazing job with their documentation... To that documentation, you can add this website for really tricky situations, et voilà... You're ready to go !

The best way to learn Qt is to use Qt !

Have fun !

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Official site provide good video resource.

You can find here a lot of Technical Sessions.

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I learned Qt by taking a Graphical User Interfaces while studying Computer Science at FIT. I also wrote a 3D Urban Modeling program in Qt in my Senior Year which gave me a very good appreciation for Signals and Slots between multiple windows and dealing with images. If you are at a University, I would check to see if they offer a GUI class and if so, talk with the professor to see if you could do your projects in Qt instead of some other GUI toolkit. They usually make you focus on multiple toolkits anyways.

Here's a link to class I took seven years ago.. same teacher, teaching the same concepts with Qt. Some good programming examples there: Dr Ribeiro's GUI Class

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