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Hi Um looking for a way to get the sprint information from JIRA using rest api I could not find a way in Jira Documentation , any one know how to so this?

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The documentation for the jira-python is here http://jira-python.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ if using another language it should be similar to :

# Get the sprints in a specific board
board_id = 441
print("GreenHopper board: %s (%s)" % (boards[0].name, board_id))
sprints = gh.sprints(board_id)
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Well, it should be in the JIRA Agile documentation since sprints come with JIRA Agile. But it's not. The best source of info at the moment is to look at the source of the jira-python library. Various REST methods are used in there to access JIRA Agile.

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