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I am trying to follow play framework tutorial, which can see in 'localhost:9000'.

As it says, I Edited file and compile but it does not show the result that I expected. Follow is what I have done.

  1. make play project in console(command : play new alpha)
  2. then I ran that (move 'alpha' directory and play run)
  3. make an folder named 'models' at /alpha/app/controllers.
  4. Edit Application.scala

    package controllers
    import play.api._ 
    import play.api.mvc._ 
    import play.api.data._ 
    import play.api.data.Forms._
    import models.Task
    object Application extends Controller {
      val taskForm = Form("label" -> nonEmptyText)
      def index = Action {
        //Ok(views.html.index("Your new application is ready."))
        //Ok("Let's Play!")
        Redirect(routes.Application.tasks)   }
      def tasks = Action {
        Ok(views.html.index(Task.all(), taskForm))   }   def newTask = Action { implicit request =>
          errors => BadRequest(views.html.index(Task.all(), errors)),
          label => {
      }   def deleteTask(id: Long) = TODO 
  5. make /alpha/controllers/models/Task.scala

    package models
    case class Task(id: Long, label: String)
    object Task {   
      def all(): List[Task] = Nil   
      def create(label: String) {}   
      def delete(id: Long){} 
  6. finally I edited /alpha/conf/routes

    # Routes
    # This file defines all application routes (Higher priority routes first)
    # ~~~~
    # Home page
    GET     /                           controllers.Application.index
    # Map static resources from the /public folder to the /assets URL path
    GET     /assets/*file               controllers.Assets.at(path="/public", file)
    GET     /tasks                  controllers.Application.tasks
    POST    /tasks                  controllers.Application.newTask
    POST    /tasks/:id/delete       controllers.Application.deleteTask(id: Long)
  7. then I ran. I expected a form area and a button 'create'. Button is fine while Form does not. I got some messages instead of the form. below is that message.

    BaseScalaTemplate(play.api.templates.HtmlFormat$@6435477c) (taskForm("label"))

I can not track this, because it was not an error. Is there any clue to fix this bugs? If you give a solution or clue that would be very appreciated :D

========== Thanks for share my problem ======================

[ index.scala.html ]

> @* Comment : @(message: String) *@ @(task: List[Task], taskForm:
> Form[String]) @import helper._
> @main("Todo list") {
>   <h1>@task.size task(s)</h1>
>   <ul>
>     @task.map { task =>
>       <li>
>         @task.label
>         @form(routes.Application.deleteTask(task.id)) {
>           <input type="submit" value="Delete">
>         }
>       </li>
>     }   </ul>
>   <h2>Add a new task</h2>
>   @form(routes.Application.newTask) {
>     @inputText (taskForm("label"))
>     <input type="submit" value="Create">   } }
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Please, include your index.scala.html –  vitalii Feb 18 at 9:00
Can you show your view template, where the form is used? (I believe it's index.scala.html). Note: models should be located directly in app/ folder, not in controllers/ –  britva Feb 18 at 9:01
@vitalii, britva I edited my post so that you can see index.scala.html now. When considering button which expressed normal, I assume there is no problem in magic keyword '@'. –  Juneyoung Oh Feb 19 at 1:04
I think maybe an error could be @inputText. When I make that phrase as comment(@* *@), No message("BaseScalaTemplate(....") printed. But I stil do not know how to fix this. –  Juneyoung Oh Feb 19 at 1:49

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I found the error. It is really disappointed:-( There is an white space between @inputText and parameters.

It should be :

@inputText (taskForm("label")) -- change to --> @inputText(taskForm("label"))

Anyway, thanks for help :D

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