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I'm trying to edit my crontab but I just can't open it !

So with my user foo, I just type :

crontab -e

Then I got :

no crontab for foo - using an empty one
nano: No such file or directory
crontab: "nano" exited with status 1

So I tried first :

export EDITOR=nano

I retried and I got exactly the same output. I also tried to set my editor to vim with

export EDITOR=vim

no crontab for foo - using an empty one
vim: No such file or directory
crontab: "vim" exited with status 1

But I keep geting the same outpout again and again. How the hell can I open my crontab and then edit it ?

Does anyone here know why ?!

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do nano and vim work when you just run them by themselves? –  Rob Starling Feb 18 at 9:15
Try to give the full path of vim --> export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi –  fedorqui Feb 18 at 9:15
Yeah if I just type nano or vim (or even vi), it opens the editor. I also tried export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim and nano. Same result –  Hito Feb 18 at 9:17
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This message is normal because you still do not have any crontab for that user:

no crontab for foo - using an empty one

Regarding the following:

nano / vim: No such file or directory

crontab: "nano" exited with status 1

It is happening because you are not defining the editor properly. To do so, you have to specify the full path of the binary:

export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano


export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi
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Yeah but I also tried to set my editor with the 2 lines you gave above. Still doesn't work. –  Hito Feb 18 at 9:20
Well first check what is the path of your nano with which nano. My /usr/bin/nano is just an example. –  fedorqui Feb 18 at 9:22
I also did it and it gave me /usr/bin/nano too. –  Hito Feb 18 at 9:32
And you are still getting the "no such file or directory"? –  fedorqui Feb 18 at 9:33
Yes. To summarize, I did : EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano export EDITOR crontab -e and I'm still getting : /usr/bin/nano: No such file or directory –  Hito Feb 18 at 9:36
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As stated above, you may have nano installed in a different location, or in a location that isn't in your PATH variable. As an alternative, you can try, which pico, and if "pico" shows up with that command, then follow the procedure of export EDITOR=pico, followed by crontab -e.

Remember to include the export line in your shell's start-up script, or the command line entered EDITOR value will go away when you leave your terminal session.

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I also tried this and I still get the same output... I added export EDITOR=vim in my .zshrc –  Hito Feb 18 at 9:33
So with the 'export EDITOR=vim' in your .zshc, you are still having the problem you listed in your question? –  Nick Sardo Feb 18 at 9:37
Yes I do. I source the .zshrc and also launched a new session to be sure that it's correctly loaded. if I type echo $EDITOR it answers vim –  Hito Feb 18 at 9:43
glad you got it fixed. I could find nothing to indicate why you had this problem. If the editors work without crontab, then as was previously stated in the other thread, the problem must have been with your installation of crontab. Regardless, you've got a solution working, and that's what's important. –  Nick Sardo Feb 18 at 11:24
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I couldn't find a fix for my problem but I really have to be able to execute some crons. So after googling, I could find that cronie isn't the only cron manager existing. fcron is my solution. So I did :

pacman -R cronie
pacman -S fcron

Then instead of crontab -e just type fcrontab -e , edit your file and you're good. Works like charm for me. Hope this will help people...

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Pretty strange. Good to read you solved it, though. –  fedorqui Feb 18 at 16:39
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