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I have the following JSON data:

      "OS":"Windows 7",
      "ADAPTER":"Win 9",

      "OS":"Windows jj7",
      "ADAPTER":"Winjjjjj 9",



In this JSON, I am getting the value "ID":"VM-WIN7-64". Using this ID, how can I filter the corresponding adapter name "ADAPTER":"Win 9" from this JSON data?

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That depends on the language you are using to process the data. You rarely work with "raw" JSON data, it's usually converted to a language's native data types first. – Felix Kling Feb 18 '14 at 9:44
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Use the Array.prototype.filter method.

var filtered = data.VMs.filter(function (element) {
    return element.ID == "VM-WIN7-64";

(where the data variable contains your entire JSON data "VMs" array)

Then, filtered[0].ADAPTER would have the value "Win 9"


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