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i have problems with my Webservice i created in php with the Laravel Framework.

I have the following URL to call:

http://localhost:100/cust/server.php/InitialSync/{"IdCard": "lxpIu1bD4UX4W2h5EM+i6VEQUZk+i\/SJF1DU6179HBejWkOBENSflnTSN\/8N14OGTqh6fH\/6kNrjJCilCMIrVtrlUAyQ5y8zZXVy5K3XwMOGmlHghAe80Q=="}

So you see that i send a Json Object with an crypted IdCard to the Server. My route looks like that:

Route::get('InitialSync/{idCard}, 'SyncController@InitialSync'};

So Problem is that this won´t work. I think the Problems are the / in the JsonObject.

Does anyone of you know how i can solve this problem.

The Result from Laravel is:

Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ NotFoundHttpException

I think he tries to find the Route but becouse of the / in the Json Object i get this error.

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What kind of error is returned ? Your URL is strange. Why are you using port 100 ? What is cust path ? What is server.php file ? –  carousel Feb 18 at 10:03
possible duplicate of Need to allow encoded slashes on Apache –  Diego Agulló Feb 18 at 10:09
so, you think it´s a problem with apache? –  Alex Feb 18 at 11:54

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Unfortunately Laravel can't undestand your browser will have trouble to process a JSON sent via GET, even if you encode and stringify it via Javascript:

    {"IdCard": "lxpIu1bD4UX4W2h5EM+i6VEQUZk+i\/SJF1DU6179HBejWkOBENSflnTSN\/8N14OGTqh6fH\/6kNrjJCilCMIrVtrlUAyQ5y8zZXVy5K3XwMOGmlHghAe80Q=="}

Wich generates this string:


Laravel will still have matters to recognize a route in that URL. This will not work.

The source of the problem is the escaped characters \/ present in the string. So you have some options:

1) Send it via POST

2) Base64 encode the IdCard and decode is back in Laravel.

3) Replace those characters by something else and revert it in Laravel.

4) Fill a bug in Laravel's Github repo and wait for them to fix it.

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okay, i tried your solution now and i have the same problem i get error 404. My Problem is that i send a crypted string (AES) and my Laravel Route has to accept that. –  Alex Feb 18 at 17:29
My solution? I gave no solution, I gave you 3 options and none of those is a solution. After the code I shown I said Laravel will still have matters to recognize a route in that URL., which means that not even this will make it work. –  Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Feb 18 at 18:03
okay... so that means, i have no change to handle this with a Get Request. So the only Solution is to make a Post and not a Get. Do you agree with this? –  Alex Feb 18 at 18:16
Yeah, if you can make a POST, it will succeed, but sometimes we just can't. Just edited to add this to my answer. –  Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Feb 18 at 18:28

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