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When I make relationsships with JPA using hibernate, some terrible long and ackward column names are generated.
Eg. I have the following actionPlan_actionPlanPK, which means that the column actionPlan is a FK that points to actionPlanPK.
To make it look just a little bit more neat in the DB I would like if I could give it a name myself, preferably just the name it has in the entity class that owns the relationship.

Is this possible with JPA?

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Yes. It is possible to specify your own name for a column if you are not satisfied with the default names. For instance in the class with the reference to the ActionPlan you can specify:

public ActionPlan getActionPlan(){


And thus, the column name will be "actionplanid".

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Just make sure to put it on the Many-side. If not I found out it did not work ;-) –  homaxto Oct 21 '08 at 6:23

This capability is part of the JPA specification and allows for the naming of many of your database structures in the annotations. These include:

Naming your table as follows:

public class MyConvolutedClassName {

Naming your columns as follows:

private Date myConvolutedDateColumn;

Naming your columns that are part of a relationship:

private ClassName otherModelClass;

There's a great (though not quite up-to-date) cheatsheet for EJB 3.0 annotations (which includes JPA) available at http://www.fnogol.de/media/ejb3.0-anno-cheat-1.2.pdf.

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