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asterisk 1.4.36

  • is their any event or variable that give me the caller wait time on queue?

  • i want to display the agent that answered the call, the time the the customer actually wait.

  • i don't need the queue avg wait time, only the time that this specific caller waits on the queue before the call was Answered be the Agent.

i have already try to find solutions like getting the data by using "show queue XXX" function

i am using asterisk 1.4.36 .


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There is queue_log in /var/log/asterisk/

Also posible put that info in database.

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i am looking for event or variable –  user2165275 Feb 18 at 12:20
every action that saved in queue_log also throw event. there are no any variable like that. –  arheops Feb 18 at 18:41

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