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I know that this is not real coding issue question but I can't find god resources about this topic.

Although there are few tutorial none of them explain in details with good example how to style dnn menu.
What is the "real world" way to style dnn navigation menu skin?

By the navigation menu I think of menu similar to this:


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The secret is padding, border and background-color. You need to use these to model your dropdowns. –  Ranveer Feb 18 at 11:39
in DNN world it's not just that :) –  1110 Feb 18 at 11:42
Ah! I'm sorry I mistook it to be a simple question. The tags threw me off track. –  Ranveer Feb 18 at 11:45

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The secret to really learning DNN is to find a skin that looks like you want, and then modify it from there. Unfortunately Skinning tutorials never materialized for the platform (along with a lot of other documentation)

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That is too bad as I saw that there are few ways to make style for nav, ddr menu, razor etc. sometimes this is confusing and lack of dicumentation is real issue. –  1110 Feb 18 at 16:34
I can't say that I disagree with you. Unfortunately there just isn't any desire from DNNCorp to provide documentation –  Chris Hammond Feb 18 at 23:53

I use the MinimalExtropy - index 1280 skin on my site with a container of MinimalExtropy - Title_Grey, you can them here: http://dnnskins.codeplex.com/releases/view/73347 . If you add a page to the menu it is added to a horizontal bar. Any pages that are children of that page show up in a drop down menu when you hover over it. Hope this helps!

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First, it would help to know which menu system you are using. Hopefully, your skin uses the newer DDR menu, as it is reasonably well documents in the DNN Wiki at dnnsoftware.com. This is also information for the older NAV menu, and you can easily replace that with DDR with no other changes required.

As for tutorials, there are some really good skinning tutorials available at DNNCreative.com (disclaimer: subscription is required, and I do work for DNNCreative. In spite of that, the tutorials are really good.)

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