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I'm trying to write into a text file via PHP. My problem is that PHP always just clears the file instead of writing in it.

$fp = fopen('status.txt', 'w+');
fwrite($fp, "test");

I guess this depends on some permission issues. But I can't figure out what to change. At the moment the permission of the PHP file is:

-rwxrwx---  1 www-data www-data  1980 Feb 18 11:25 test8.php

the permission of textfile is:

-rwxrwx---  1 www-data www-data     0 Feb 18 11:25 status.txt

I'm using apache2 on my Raspberry Pi. The PHP script and the text file are stored in Apache main directory /var/www/

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I don't think that PHP has permissions to empty a file but not to add bytes. Have you configured PHP to display error messages? What do fopen() and fwrite() return? –  Álvaro G. Vicario Feb 18 at 12:08
fopen returns "Resource id#3" and fwrite just returns 0 –  user3323213 Feb 18 at 12:19
Have you understood my question about configuring PHP to display error messages? Do you need help on that? –  Álvaro G. Vicario Feb 18 at 12:29
yes what do you mean exactly? –  user3323213 Feb 18 at 12:34
PHP often generates an error message with a text that explains what's wrong and gives a clue on how to fix it. You can configure PHP to display it or omit it. What is your case? –  Álvaro G. Vicario Feb 18 at 12:48

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If you are trying to add to existing text, then you need to open for append:

$fp = fopen('status.txt', 'a+');

w+ truncates the file.

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actually I want to write in a empty file or at least replace the first line. 'a+' just works if something is already in the file and attach new line. Don't understand how to write in a blank file! –  user3323213 Feb 18 at 12:07
No it doesn't. If the file doesn't exist it will be created and the text added. If the file exists and is empty, the text will be added. If the file already contains data, the new text will be appended to the end of the file. See the fopen manual. –  The Blue Dog Feb 18 at 12:12
Yes i know you are right but for any reason it doesn't work for me . It's strange because it clears the file but don't write something in ite and 'a+' just works if already something is inside. –  user3323213 Feb 18 at 12:22
Ah, I got you now - sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to say. Was the status.txt file created by the PHP script, or did you create it under a different user? If the file was created by the script, then it must be able to write to it... –  The Blue Dog Feb 18 at 12:46

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