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One day on my production server with Rails 3.2.13 app DelayedJob stoped working and there was no way to run it again. I haven't made any changes on the server before. When trying to run rake jobs:work I saw error:

mapping values are not allowed in this context at line xx

this error is always connected with parsing some yaml file.

When I was searching for problem I

  • restarted my app
  • checked for yaml problems
  • checked for system problems

and everything seemed to be fine.

Where could be the problem?

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Finally I tried to run first job from rails console by DelayedJob.find(x).invoke_job and the problem was in one specific job and its handler description. I remover this one and then started delayed_job without problem. So if you have that kind of problem start searching from your first job in queue.

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Yup, this is it :-) +1 –  Abdo Feb 20 '14 at 20:23

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