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For more than 2 days now, I'm trying get Razor working as a NancyFx ViewEngine. I have 2 projects:

  • MyApp.MainProject
    • contains OWIN, web host startup configuration, nancy bootstrapper...
  • MyApp.Web
    • contains static web files & nancy modules

I installed the package Nancy.Viewengines.Razor and followed the instructions on this page:, however I'm still unable to even build the project.

First, there's always this error on every *.cshtml file: "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Razor.Unofficial...' although it's there and correctly referenced by the rest of the project.

Second, nearly every Razor method like RenderSection(), RenderBody() can't be resolved (The name '...' does not exist in the current context.)

When I remove the package Nancy.Viewengines.Razor, the Razor methods get recognized thanks to the toolkit 'Web Tools for Visual Studio 2012', but Nancy fails at loading the *.cshtml files. (Of course, Nancy doesn't know what to do with them.) If I install it again, IntelliSense breaks and I'm unable to build the project.

I followed nearly every guideline possible, registered build providers, tried with the official ASP.NET Razor package... what could I do?

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Why the two projects? The Razor viewengine requires various web.config and project settings, my first reaction is to assume this has gone wrong in your two project solution. Maybe try a quick single project app to prove that it works when installed regularly. – Chris Sainty Feb 18 '14 at 12:36
@ChrisSainty Nope, still doesn't work. Web.config is configured in the main app where the web host starts. The reason I have 2 projects is because I currently have like 7 projects and omitted the others for brevity in the question. :) – Acrotygma Feb 18 '14 at 15:38

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